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Electric power quality measurements

We offer measurements of electric power quality aimed at testing the quality parameters of the network supplying your facility and estimating potential savings that could result from improving those parameters.



Actions taken during electric power quality measurements:

  • Checking quality parameters in terms of conformity with EN-PN 5016
  • Evaluation of the power network technical condition
  • Verification of reactive power compensation systems operation
  • Identification of possible sources of quality parameters deterioration and causes of any technical issues
  • Determination of the level of electric power losses
  • Estimation of potential savings
  • Preliminary determination of possible diversification of power sources
  • Analysis of tariffs and invoices for electric power



Benefits of measurements:

technical insight
estimated savings
investment calculations



After the measurements are done the client receives a detailed report including:

  • Detailed measurement data with explanations
  • Technical and economical conclusions derived from data analysis
  • Causes and consequences of deteriorated electric power quality parameters
  • Proposal of solutions improving the quality parameters
  • Installation guidelines for the proposed solutions
  • Cost estimate for an investment in the proposed solutions



Indications for measurements:

  • The need to verify potential additional savings
  • Incurred costs of inductive and/or capacitative reactive power, tg(fi) is not maintained in line with the Operator’s billing agreement
  • Panel meters at the switchgear show deteriorated quality parameters, e.g. THDI > 10%, THDU > 3%, unbalance > 10%
  • Inverters, discharge or LED light, 6- and 12-impulse rectifiers, thyristor drives, welders, arc furnaces, inductive furnaces are installed in the network
  • Consequences of deteriorated quality parameters can be observed, such as more frequent failures of receivers, incorrect operation of receivers, light flickering, undesirable response of protection measures, loud operation of transformers, increased temperature of transformers and cables, production interruptions due to unknown reasons



Technical conditions of measurements

PQ-BOX, class A, analysers are used for measurements, in line with Polish and internal standards.


The connection of analysers requires temporary installation of isolated measurement systems.


The connection can be done live. It is not necessary to disconnect power nor interfere with the switchgears structure. Our employees have valid licences for measurement works.



If you are interested in electric power quality measurements, get in touch with us.