The dynamic advancements in renewable energy generation is accompanied by the development of systems for energy storage which are becoming increasingly popular. Why do homeowners and commercial entities decide to use energy storage systems? The answer is simple – renewable energy sources depend on weather conditions, whereas energy storage facilities allow accumulation and retention of surplus energy generated from RES and make it possible to use during increased energy demand of a specific facility.


How does energy storage work?

The energy storage process involves transformation and containment of electric energy
from a specific source into another form of energy which can then be transformed back into electric energy. Furthermore, the energy storage facilities are a key element in the improvement of both the stability of power supply and the quality parameters of the provided energy.


Advantages of energy storage facilities:




Constantly increasing energy demand, rising energy prices, low adaptation capabilities of traditional energy generation methods to the rapidly changing needs of the energy market complicate questions involving its deregulation and the problems involving the quality of energy and carbon emission goals. Energy storage facilities are an excellent solution to all the above mentioned problems and lead to the satisfaction of both the existing and new issues emerging as a result of the transformation of the energy industry.


For many years we have specialised in production and integration of uninterruptible power supply systems, battery charging systems and devices for the improvement of electric energy. On the basis of the experience gained during many completed installations of the above mentioned products we can confirm their effectiveness. The solutions employed by our energy storage facilities guarantee technical advantages, decreased consumption of energy and improvement of the quality parameters of electric energy.


The primary properties of our products are:


We provide comprehensive solutions dedicated for home users (prosumers), industry, as well as the professional power sector. These solutions combine generation of energy from renewable sources (solar panels, wind turbines, etc.) transformation and storage of energy (energy storage facility with a power control system), consumption of energy for private purposes without transferring it into the energy grid (receiver installation, vehicle recharge stations, etc.). The entire system is controlled via dedicated energy transfer management software.